Gwaii Haanas- Queen Charlotte Islands

"Canadian Galapagos" and Haida Homeland





Known to the Haida as Gwaii Haanas, "Place of Wonder"- the South Moresby Archipelago contains some 130 spectacular islands. The indigenous species found in these isolated areas have earned the Queen Charlotte the reputation of "Canada's Galapagos".

This unique island group offers lush ancient rain forest, alpine hills, and one of the richest intertidal areas in the world found at Burnaby Narrows. We will visit hot spring island overlooking the San Cristobal alpine mountains, view abundant wildlife from the largest black bear in the world, to peregrine falcons to the graceful phalaropes, and increased sightings of Humpback and Orca whales.

Homeland to the Haida People for thousands of years, today Gwaii Haanas offers a glimpse into the past and reveals the history of a rich and proud culture. We will visit all major village sites including the World Heritage site at Skung Gwaii (Ninstint), where the world's finest collection of totem poles still stand.  



Great Bear Rainforest

BC Central Coast: Bears, Whales, and Totem Poles


The Inside Passage, the sheltered waters between Vancouver Island and Alaska's Panhandle, is becoming well known as the Great Bear Rainforest, and reputed to be one of the most scenic coastlines in the world. We journey into deep fjords, bays and inlets surrounded by lush coastal rainforest, and snowy mountain peaks.

These incredibly rich waters nurture a wide variety and abundance of wildlife. We will visit the habitat of the rare Kermode bear (Spirit Bear), explore the home of the White sided dolphins and Orca whale, alongside the hundreds of sea birds nesting along these shores.

We will also have the opportunities to visit and study the heritage sites of the Heiltsuk, Kitasoo, and Haisla people who have lived along this coast for thousands of years.



Mariners Program

Youth or Mature Programs


Youth Program
The goal of our youth program is to provide learning opportunities, which embody school curricula, environmental stewardship, life skills and group dynamics, creating an awareness and enthusiasm for preservation and education of the marine environment. 
We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge about our local waters, observing marine plants, forest ecology, animal life, while participating in the world of sailing. Our experienced crew offer students an understanding and appreciation of coastal habitats in a safe environment. We can visit ecological reserves, marine parks, marine centres and wildlife museums as we experience and investigate The Natural Coast.
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Mature Mariners Program
We offer the Mature Mariners an opportunity to explore our local waters and achieve individual sailing certification as we explore the rich coastal British Columbia waters.
We have over the years provided educational eco-tourism programs through community colleges in the area. This training is delivered by outdoor leaders with high quality skills and experience, currently practicing in the field.
Since Duen is a Transport Canada certified passenger-carrying vessel, an added benefit for participating mariners is the time spent onboard can be registered as commercial seatime. It is also a safe and cost effective way to experience life on a proven offshore cruising vessel without the capital outlay of a sailboat, safety equipment, and other supplies.
We can design courses for adults who seek to upgrade their skills on the water.  They can attain industry certification in a well-controlled intensive learning environment receiving practical hands-on skills that enable them to move into entry-level positions in the marine industry or simply gain the confidence to become more confident mariners.
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Custom Trips

Create Your Own Customized Trip.

Bird Watching, Conservation, Documentaries, Photography, Elder travel, Family, Group charters, Kayaking

We are happy to accommodate groups with special interests, that it be for keen birders, photographers, artists or a special family gathering.  These types of trips can be designed and customized to focus on specific activities to satisfy the group interest or adventurous spirit!  Share your ideas and we will be happy to create a special expedition for every adventurous taste and create a memorable wilderness adventures aboard Duen.
Our experience with custom trips over the years have been very unique and memorable. All of the journeys mostly centre around Pacific wildlife and Cultural heritage.
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